Mario Kart 8 Released

Mario Kart has been able to stand as one of the longest surviving video game franchises in existence. When you ask the majority of people who is the first video game character they think of the majority of them will say Mario. The reason for this is because Mario has been around since the SNES that is more than thirty years. Mario has appeared in more than two hundred games and with each passing year that number increases.


Today Nintendo released “Mario Kart 8” to fans of the little Italian plumber. This new installment in the Mario Kart franchise boasts new visuals never before seen in a Mario Kart game. You will see all of your favorite characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Browser, Toad and many more. New power ups have been added to this installment, allowing for players to take down their enemies at a faster pace. The first Mario Kart was released back on the N64 where Rainbow Road became a fan favorite track, Rainbow Road will appear in Mario Kart 8 with a brand new design.

Nintendo made a short statement saying, “We have already seen nearly one million dollars in pre-orders for Mario Kart 8. The bundle pack for the WiiU has had two hundred thousand pre-orders alone. It shocks us to see how much people love Mario, he is by far one of the most beloved video game characters every created and his name increases sales tenfold. We suspect an extremely profitable second quarter for 2014.”

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