Amaya/PokerStars Rumors Swirl Around The Industry

There has been rumors starting to swirl around the online gambling industry that Amaya Gaming is trying acquire PokerStars Shares, this resulted in Amaya Gaming’s shares being halted and the PokerStars share price rising by 28%.

Amaya Gaming logo

Amaya Gaming has been reportedly saving up more than one billion dollars in order to purchase the well known poker giant. Purchasing PokerStars would also result in purchasing the rights to the Cryptologic, Chartwell and Ongame gambling platforms. Amaya Gaming has already seen their stocks rise by an incredible amount this year, it has increased by 77% and is now trading at $13 per share.

There is no word is PokerStars will be making this lucrative deal with Amaya Gaming, it should be noted that these are just rumors that haven’t been addressed by either company. Purchasing PokerStars would allow for Amaya Gaming to enter the US Gambling Market but they would also be taking on the same issues that the current owners have today. Those issues being getting an online gambling license in either New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware. New ownership could mean that the poker firm could finally be licensed and regulated within these three states.

Both of these firms have yet to make any statements regarding these rumors. This leads towards analysts believing that these rumors are true.

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