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Major Millions Has Its Jackpot Won Yet Again

An unspecified punter playing at an unspecified online casino triggered a large progressive jackpot while playing the progressive based video slot “Major Millions” which is developed by Microgaming. This fortune punter was able to win $896,979 while playing this slot. This isn’t the largest progressive to be won through Major Millions.
As this is a recent jackpot there have not been any information given as to where or who won. This is the first time that a progressive jackpot has been won on Major Millions in four months. The largest progressive to be won through Major Millions is $1,801,517 back in May of 2012.

major millions logo

The average amount that is won through Major Millions is $561,048. This means that this fortunate punter was able to win more than the average amount. We are unsure as to what this punter plans to do with their winnings. Just as we have always done we will continue to keep you informed on any information that is released relating towards this jackpot win.
In order to play Microgaming’s Major Millions you will be required to register a player account at the various online casinos that support the Microgaming platform. You just won’t be ensured an outstanding experience with Major Millions, you will also be ensured an outstanding experience with any of the slots you play from Microgaming. These casinos include Maple Casino, Crazy Vegas, Bet365 and 32 Red. These are just some of the many casinos that support the Microgaming platform.

Italy Gains 2 New Poker Platforms

Italy, one of the more beautiful countries located within the European Union has gained two new online poker platforms. This came as a surprise to industry analysts as Italy has been biased towards online poker but as the recession continues to effect each country within the European Union, Italy has decided to change their ways and have allowed for two new poker products to be added to their online gambling industry.

Paddy Power

The first operator who will offer their services in Italy is Paddy Power, one of the better known poker operators in the European Union. Paddy Power allows for punters to experience multiple tournaments or games at once, they allow for punters to play on a free to play mode or a real money mode, they also operate their games through the iPoker Network. This means you can be playing against punters from all around the world, giving you a more exciting and adventurous experience while betting.

The second poker operator that will enter the Italian Poker Market is Novus Poker, they aren’t as well known as Paddy Poker but none the less provide their players with an astonishing experience. Novus Poker will be hosted through the Top Alliance Poker Network, this in return will allow for punters to play against a mass amount of other players. This marks the first time that Novus Poker has entered a new online gambling market, previously they only operated within the borders of the United Kingdom.