Those who love to play online bingo could clearly search “Online Bingo” when looking for a bingo hall to play with but today it seems that that’ll become easier as Unibet has now announced it purchased Bingo.com for $8 Million, which is a low amount for a website name such as this one. None the less Unibet revealed today that they’ve purchased this domain name and that they plan on doing a complete overhaul of this bingo hall in order to make it appealing to the mass majority.

Unibet logo

Unfortunately as of right now we are unaware as to what Unibet plans on doing to making this bingo hall for more exciting than it once was. They’ll more than likely be adding a new bingo platform and keep old ones such as Net Entertainment. They’ll most likely completely redesign the feel of the website as right now it is outdated and feels like something from the 90’s instead of something nearly two decades later. This deal comprised of $8 Million in cash on Unibet’s part which in return granted them 15,000,000 Stocks which is the full amount for owning Bingo.com.

Those wishing to play at Bingo.com for not only an astonishing bingo experience but also casino experience can do so by signing up an account at the bingo hall today. It should be noted that in the upcoming days this bingo hall will be completely revamped which means that you won’t be able to access your account for a number or days or two weeks depending on how much Unibet plans on doing with the revamping of Bingo.com.

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