$2,504,263 Progressive Won at Party Casino

A fortunate gambler playing at Party Casino was able to win a life altering amount of money while playing the 5 reel, 50 payline video slot “Road Hogs”. This gambler triggered “The Big One Colossal Cash” progressive jackpot, winning a total of $2,504,763 in the process.

Party Casino

Party Casino isn’t revealing any personal information regarding this winning player but what was revealed is that this is the eighth time that this progressive jackpot has been won since it first came to market back in January, 2010. It may not be the largest cash prize to be won under this progressive jackpot. The largest win to ever recorded on colossal cash is $7.5 Million, won by a Canadian gambler in 2013. The average amount won is $3,383,890.

The winner in question did not release a statement but that is not uncommon. It is fair to say however that it is more than enough money to have a large impact on this players life and their future. It is nice to dream what may come as a result, possibly some nice well deserved holidays, new car, maybe a vacation property but hopefully, investing much of the winnings will be this players choice as they take it in the impact of what a win of this size means.

If Party Casino reveals more information regarding this win we shall inform you of those updates. You can play Road Hogs and a number of other slots that offer “The Big One Colossal Cash” progressive jackpot at Party Casino or any other casino that provides the PartyGaming gambling platform.

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