SkyBet Sold for £800 Million

Sky Media, the owners behind the famed gambling firm “SkyBet” has been sold for a total of £800 Million. This announcement came as a shock as SkyBet is a profitable casino which earns Sky Media plenty in profit per month. None the less they’ve sold the company, £600 Million of the £800 Million is in cash. This is an astonishing profit for Sky Media who’ll surely create another casino in the future.

Sky Media

This deal will also have Sky Media still owning 20% of the gambling firm, this is why £200 Million was deducted from the £800 Million. This’ll allow for a hefty check to be sent out to Sky Media HQ every month. The eight hundred million is being paid out on a monthly basis as well in order not the bankrupt CVC Capital. The full funds will be given to Sky Media within the next six month. Sky Media is also just a subsidiary company of Sky PLC, a United Kingdom media giant which has its name in essentially anything electronic throughout Europe. They are the largest media firm in the United Kingdom, earning £7.4 Billion in revenue each quarter. This means the company makes £30 Billion every year, this’ll allow for them to return to the gambling market with a fierce vengeance.

Those wishing to have a try at Sky Bet can still do so by signing up an account with the casino. They won’t be shutting down operations at any point in the distant future, the casino will only be changing ownership.

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