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Evolution & Scientific Games Enter Deal

Evolution Gaming and Scientific Games announced earlier on this week that they’ve signed a content agreement with one another. This agreement shall allow for Evolution Gaming to offer “Ultimate Texas Hold’em”, this being the only version of the game online. Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a popular land based title that is now making its way to the online market.

scientific games

This deal is granting Evolution Gaming the exclusive rights to offer this title for the next three and a half years. It’ll be distributed to all online casinos which support the Evolution Gaming library. This game isn’t set to launch until the upcoming summer months, this’ll be done in order to ensure that a proper time schedule is put in place. This game will only be playable on desktop computers, there is no word if a mobile version of the game could be released in the future.

Todd Haushalter, the Chief Product Officer at Evolution Gaming commented on this agreement, “Being able to partner up alongside Scientific Games has allowed for us to offer the most popular Texas Hold’em game in the world, it’ll help us further set us as a leader in the live casino industry. This builds up on our speciality games as well which include Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker and now Ultimate Texas Hold’em. This makes for the perfect transition for land based gamblers looking to play online as well.”

Evolution Gaming is quickly growing to become one of the head developers in the live online gambling industry, multiple casinos every month are licensing out their platform as Evolution continues to rise in popularity amongst gamblers.

A Christmas Carol Released by Betsoft

Betsoft, the most formidable software developer in the gambling industry today has revealed their latest slot. “A Christmas Carol”, based specifically on the famed Christmas tale written by Charles Dickens decades ago. This slot will surely be placing anyone whom knows the tale into the Christmas spirit.


A Christmas Carol has been designed as a 5 reel, 20 payline casino game. It features the iconic third-dimensional graphics that is now placed into each Betsoft title. This game comes complete with Ebenezer Scrooge. Also the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future will make an appearance as well. Each one of the ghost’s act as a bonus feature, providing greater winning opportunities for punters. The Ghost of Christmas Past caused for the reels to roll background during free spins. The Ghost of Christmas Present has each of the symbols on the 5 reels turn into wild icons. The Ghost of Christmas future on the other hand provides punters with a random amount of free spins.
The Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Betsoft, Mark McKeown commented on this games release saying, “A Christmas Carol is our first seasonal game which supports our 3D Visuals as well is a part of the Slot3 Lineup. We’ve released this game closer towards the holiday season in hopes that all can enjoy this game more than our fan base normally would.”

Those whom wish to play this new video slot only have to be signed up at an online casino that boasts the Betsoft gambling platform. Hundreds of games will be placed at your disposal.

NuWorks Releases New Three Stooges Slot

NuWorks, a rising software developer in the online gambling industry revealed their latest upcoming slot. This new casino game is called “Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court!” and it’s the second sequel in their three stooges video slot games. Plans for there to be another three additions in the series are slated to be released throughout 2016 as well.


The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court!” is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot. The classic comedy trio live on once again in this game, featuring all three characters from the remake. Disorder in the Court is one of the most popular skits in the three stooge’s arsenal. Those who play this game will be able to access nudge features, a maximum 333x multiplier, free spins and a bonus round. NuWorks hopes that this game will be one of their most popular of 2015. The Three Stooge’s: Disorder in the Court! Is currently available to be played at a variety of different casinos supporting the NuWorks platform. There is no word as to what the maximum amount available to be won is but if landing on the 333x multiplier with the maximum winning combination will allow for a life altering amount of money.

NuWorks did state, “The Three Stooge’s: Disorder in the Court is the third entry into our three stooge’s slot series. We plan on releasing three more in the future with each one providing a more exciting gambling experience. We hope that this new addition resonates with our fans in an exciting and memorable manner.”

NuWorks is a relative newcomer to the gaming community however is part of RealTime Gaming and includes over 100 titles at this point and continues to release new games on a regular basis. These include slots, table games and several video poker titles.

Diamond Dazzle Launched by Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming, one of the longest surviving developers in the online gambling market revealed their latest video slot to punters. This new slot is developed in a classic manner and has been named “Diamond Dazzle”. This brings a vintage looking slot to punters with a modern flare that is sure to excite all whom play this game.


Diamond Dazzle is developed as a 3 reel, 1 payline classic video slot. There are a variety of different colored gems which act as the slot symbols on the reels. Blue, Silver, Purple & clear gems all make an appearance. This gives this slot a bit more bling & dazzle when the reels are spinning. Depending on the combination of gems showcased on the one payline a total of $1,500 can be won through this casino game. The maximum wager required to spin the reels for Diamond Dazzle is $1.50.

Diamond Dazzle is currently available to be played at an array of different Rival Gaming based casinos. Whomever decided to play at those casinos will be met with welcome match bonuses & free playing money. This extra bit of cash will lead punters onwards to the $1,500 max win.

Rival Gaming Spokesman stated, “We hope that Diamond Dazzle with dazzle up our platform and make it that much more exciting for our players to enjoy. Classic slots should not be forgotten, their simplicity is enjoyable and made the online gambling market what it is today. Rival Gaming only hopes that Diamond Dazzle can honor the classic slot genre.”

Sign up today with a casino supporting this platform in order to play Diamond Dazzle.

Microgaming Teases “Titan of the Sun” Slot Series

It appears that worldwide famous gambling software developers Microgaming are looking to create a new slot series for their fans. This new slot series takes place during the time of the Greek Gods & Mythology. The first two slots in this new series will be released in October, the first being called “Titans of the Sun, Theia” and the second being called “Titans of the Sun, Hyperion”. Both games are slated to have connecting story lines as well.


These games are being released specifically through the Quickfire platform, if these games reach immense popularity then this would mark the first time that Quickfire has ever offered a slot series. Both games have been designed with 5 reels, 15 paylines and themes that center on the Greek Gods/Goddesses. Each one of these games also contain a Mystery Symbol that when stacked up will act as an expanding wild. There is also a number of other features that have yet to be announced by Microgaming.

As of right now these is only a desktop version of these games slated to be released. There isn’t any indication that these games will be making their way to mobile slots anytime soon. Early October is when these games will be available to be played, these are the next games to be slated in Microgaming’s release schedule. Players can gain more information on this slot by going to the Microgaming YouTube channel. There you’ll also be also to see three other slots previewed for the fall lineup.

SkyBet Sold for £800 Million

Sky Media, the owners behind the famed gambling firm “SkyBet” has been sold for a total of £800 Million. This announcement came as a shock as SkyBet is a profitable casino which earns Sky Media plenty in profit per month. None the less they’ve sold the company, £600 Million of the £800 Million is in cash. This is an astonishing profit for Sky Media who’ll surely create another casino in the future.

Sky Media

This deal will also have Sky Media still owning 20% of the gambling firm, this is why £200 Million was deducted from the £800 Million. This’ll allow for a hefty check to be sent out to Sky Media HQ every month. The eight hundred million is being paid out on a monthly basis as well in order not the bankrupt CVC Capital. The full funds will be given to Sky Media within the next six month. Sky Media is also just a subsidiary company of Sky PLC, a United Kingdom media giant which has its name in essentially anything electronic throughout Europe. They are the largest media firm in the United Kingdom, earning £7.4 Billion in revenue each quarter. This means the company makes £30 Billion every year, this’ll allow for them to return to the gambling market with a fierce vengeance.

Those wishing to have a try at Sky Bet can still do so by signing up an account with the casino. They won’t be shutting down operations at any point in the distant future, the casino will only be changing ownership.

Weekend in Las Vegas Released By Betsoft

Betsoft Gaming, the software developer famous for their 3D gambling platform has announced their latest slot for the month of July. “Weekend in Las Vegas” is their latest slot to be released. This is the second slot to be released this month as a part of Betsoft’s new monthly “Dual Release” of video slots.


This brand new slot has been designed as a 5 reel, All Payline video slot based around an unforgettable weekend in the city. The theme resembles that of the blockbuster film franchise “The Hangover” as three men in this slot go off to Las Vegas for the weekend to score some big wins only to have an adventure in the process. Wilds, multipliers, a money wheel and scatters are all available to be activated.

Mark McKeown, the BetSoft VP of Sales commented on the release of Weekend in Las Vegas. “It’s proved that dual released are very popular, with this release structure we are able to gain a wider audience of players that are more varied. Weekend in Las Vegas will become notable due to its 3 main characters and the innovative way in which they interact with the game.”
As of right now players can enjoy this casino game at any online casino supporting the Betsoft Gaming platform. This casino game will be making its way to their mobile variant in the upcoming weeks as well. The 3D visuals behind this slot will surely enhance the gambling experience offered, it is a must play for the month of July.

$2,504,263 Progressive Won at Party Casino

A fortunate gambler playing at Party Casino was able to win a life altering amount of money while playing the 5 reel, 50 payline video slot “Road Hogs”. This gambler triggered “The Big One Colossal Cash” progressive jackpot, winning a total of $2,504,763 in the process.

Party Casino

Party Casino isn’t revealing any personal information regarding this winning player but what was revealed is that this is the eighth time that this progressive jackpot has been won since it first came to market back in January, 2010. It may not be the largest cash prize to be won under this progressive jackpot. The largest win to ever recorded on colossal cash is $7.5 Million, won by a Canadian gambler in 2013. The average amount won is $3,383,890.

The winner in question did not release a statement but that is not uncommon. It is fair to say however that it is more than enough money to have a large impact on this players life and their future. It is nice to dream what may come as a result, possibly some nice well deserved holidays, new car, maybe a vacation property but hopefully, investing much of the winnings will be this players choice as they take it in the impact of what a win of this size means.

If Party Casino reveals more information regarding this win we shall inform you of those updates. You can play Road Hogs and a number of other slots that offer “The Big One Colossal Cash” progressive jackpot at Party Casino or any other casino that provides the PartyGaming gambling platform.

Millionaire Genie Jackpot Recently Won at 888 Casino

Earlier on in the week a fortunate unknown player was able to trigger a progressive jackpot worth $3,066,373 at 888 Casino. This is one of the larger progressives to be won through this slot.

Details on the win have been revealed by 888 Casino but the identity of the winning player hasn’t been released to the public in order to avoid an incident which took place earlier on in 2010. This is the sixth time that this progressive jackpot has been won in the four years that it’s been available on the market.

Millionaire Genie

The winning player noted, “It’s thrilling to win a jackpot, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my money other than that I’ll be taking a vacation with my family in the future. I’d like to thank 888 Casino for giving me the bonus that ultimately allowed for this jackpot to be won. My gambling days aren’t over that’s for sure.” A short but enjoyable statement before this unknown gambler took his leave to enjoy his new found riches with his family.

This jackpot win is slightly above the $2 Million average of this video slot. It is the third largest jackpot to be triggered through the Millionaire Genie video slot. In order to activate this progressive it’s first required that three of the genie icons emerge on the reels simultaneously. Anyone can enjoy this slot by registering with a casino that provides the Random Logic software platform.


Those who love to play online bingo could clearly search “Online Bingo” when looking for a bingo hall to play with but today it seems that that’ll become easier as Unibet has now announced it purchased for $8 Million, which is a low amount for a website name such as this one. None the less Unibet revealed today that they’ve purchased this domain name and that they plan on doing a complete overhaul of this bingo hall in order to make it appealing to the mass majority.

Unibet logo

Unfortunately as of right now we are unaware as to what Unibet plans on doing to making this bingo hall for more exciting than it once was. They’ll more than likely be adding a new bingo platform and keep old ones such as Net Entertainment. They’ll most likely completely redesign the feel of the website as right now it is outdated and feels like something from the 90’s instead of something nearly two decades later. This deal comprised of $8 Million in cash on Unibet’s part which in return granted them 15,000,000 Stocks which is the full amount for owning

Those wishing to play at for not only an astonishing bingo experience but also casino experience can do so by signing up an account at the bingo hall today. It should be noted that in the upcoming days this bingo hall will be completely revamped which means that you won’t be able to access your account for a number or days or two weeks depending on how much Unibet plans on doing with the revamping of