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Crown Resorts & BetEasy Sign An Agreement – 270

Crown Resorts is an incredibly large company which owns a number of different resorts around the world including in Melbourne, Sydney & Perth. They also dabble with gambling, offering casinos at every one of their resorts but recently the company has been making way into the online gambling market which is surprising as there is no other resort company in the world that is entering this market. Today is was revealed by the Australian Sportsbetting Firm BetEasy that they have entered an online gaming agreement with Crown Resorts, this deal will see BetEasy create a new sportsbetting service for Crown Resorts which they’ll be able to offer to their guests and online punters around the world.


This deal appears to be a lucrative one at best when you place them in Australian Terms. All we know as of right now is that Crown Resorts plans to compete with the likes of Williams Hill, Sportsbet & TAB in the near feature. The company recently registered a new trademark under the name of “Crown Bet”. There are no details as to which kind of sports betting services will be offered in this new platform.

We could very well see this new platform offered in the casinos at various Crown Resort locations. When in Las Vegas you see resort casinos have massive televisions which showcase a sportsbetting platform for people to make bets on. It’s a simple way to relax and enjoy the time with a drink while potentially winning money. We could be seeing the same thing happen with Crown Resorts in the near future.

Atari Themed Online Casino

Atari is a company/video game developer that not only greatly help influence the current video game industry but also helped influence the lives of thousands of children across Northern America & Japan. They own multiple I.Ps that still to this day can be recognized by the mass majority, some of this I.Ps include Pacman and Space Invaders. Many of those children are now adults and gamble online which has resulted to Atari releasing several different casino games based on their popular I.Ps. Today it was announced that Atari has launched their first online themed casino with PariPlay.


Atari Casino already has a number of different video slots & casino games based around their popular titles. Those wishing to sign up with the casino today can play Asteroids. Centipede, Pong, Star Raiders and many more. There are also a number of standard casino games available for punters as well including Blackjack, Video Poker & Bingo. Atari & PariPlay have said that their hard at work developing other casino games & video slots based around the dozens of different titles that Atari has created throughout the years.

Atari Casino is only available for real play as of right now and Atari hasn’t given any word if they’ll be offering a free play variant of their casino games in the future. Regardless this online casino will bring back memories long forgotten by punters and potentially provide massive wins along the way. Those wishing to sign up with Atari Casino can do so today, you’re decision won’t be filled with any regret.

Comtrade & Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is one of the more renowned developers currently operating in the online gambling industry. They’ve created dozens of slots that have captured the imaginations of punters and provide life changing jackpot wins. This new deal will have all of the slots designed by Net Entertainment loaded onto the online casinos owned by Comtrade Gaming.

Comtrade Gaming

Video slots such as Gonzo’s Quest, Jack Hammer, South Park, Frankenstein and many more will be ported over to these online casinos. They just won’t be ported over for Comtrade’s online casinos but they’ll also be ported over to their mobile casinos. This will allow for Comtrade punters to experience the Net Entertainment platform wherever they want.

This is the second time that Comtrade Gaming as made a content deal with one of the industry’s largest software developers. Earlier on this year Comtrade signed a content deal with Microgaming to offer the Quickfire Platform on their online and mobile casinos as well. Clearly Comtrade Gaming is trying to become a major player in the world wide online gambling industry.

Comtrade Gaming owns a live casino, these Net Entertainment slots will be ported over onto their live casino in order to give their players more variety in their gambling experience. They also own a mobile casino which currently offers every mobile Microgaming slot and will quickly offer every mobile Net Entertainment slot. In order to play either one of these platforms you will have to register with Comtrade Gaming’s online casino or mobile casino. The experience you receive is one of the best available on the internet.

Gypsy Charm Released By WinADay

WinADay, an internet browser based online casino, announced that they’ve released their latest slot to their players, “Gypsy Charm” is now available to players for reel money at WinADay.

Gypsy Charm is a 5 reel, All Payline video slot based around the unique travelers famous around the world. Across the reels there are various gypsies, puppets, roses, rings and more that appear. The background centered around those reels consists of a forest near a stone path. Gypsy Charm just doesn’t come with a dynamic theme but it also comes with a number of different features. Those features include wilds, a bonus round and win multipliers. It should be noted that this casino game can also be played on your various mobile devices.

WinADay logo

Gypsy Charm stands as the twenty ninth video slot released by WinADay Casino. Those twenty nine casino games include fifteen penny slots and ten poker games as well. WinADay Punters will also be surprised to see that an extra $31 has been added into their account in honor of this video slot. This bonus is being offered in hopes that players will experience Gypsy Charm for everything that it has to offer.

A player who got to experience a test session of Gypsy Charm spoke about this new slot saying, “I love the bonus games they include in these new slots. Pick Me bonus games are a fun way to pick up some extra cash. And with those big multipliers, let me tell you, it adds up fast! It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell you I’ll be playing this game a lot!”

Gibraltar Grants Remote Licence

NYX Gaming is considered to be one of the upcoming developers in the industry. Though they have operated for a long period of time it has only been the last two years that they have gained their popularity. During 2013 they received the ECOGRA RNG Casino Supplier of the Year Award. They operate worldwide and NYX Gaming has just announced that they’ll continue to spread their growth as they’ve just been granted a Remote Business Gaming Licence in Gibraltar. This being one of the biggest online gambling markets in the world.

n yx

This announcement didn’t shock anyone as NYX Gaming also recently announced that they would be working with Sportech to create an online gambling service within New Jersey, New Jersey being the largest online gambling market in the United States of America. Having a Gibraltar license will allow for NYX Gaming to offer NextGen Slots and other branded slots they own to casinos in New Jersey and elsewhere in the world that also have a Gibraltar License. This could prove to be the best move that NYX Gaming has made yet.

You will only see greater things come from NYX Gaming in the future, they have proven themselves as a worthy competitor to the likes of Microgaming and Playtech. NYX Gaming will continue to do so. David Johnson, the Commercial Director for NYX Gaming commented on this announcement with excitement in his voice saying, ““An exciting Autumn awaits as we begin to see content go live in Gibraltar, whilst elsewhere in the business we look forward to the release of marquee new NextGen slots games Judge Dredd and Foxin’ Wins Again.”

Rumble in the Jungle Jackpot

This Monday has seen a number of different punters located around the world winning a large amount of money. The reason for this is because in the online gambling market the video slots you play also come with progressive jackpots. The jackpots only continue to grow in stature, which is why millions of people around the world prefer online gambling over mobile gambling. One of those lucky players for Monday, August 25th was spinning the reels at Sky Vegas when they triggered a jackpot on “Rumble in the Jungle”. This winning punter was able to trigger £165,080 which is a massive amount of money regardless of where you live.


This win was triggered only hours ago, it wasn’t reported on until earlier on in the morning when Sky Vegas revealed that one of their punters was able to win £165,080. Sky Vegas didn’t make any statements regarding who won this jackpot or what they plan to do with the money that they’ve won. What we do know is that this is the second time that the progressive in “Rumble in the Jungle” has been triggered since its release. The first time that the progressive was triggered on this slot the winning punter was able to take home £403,680. Though the jackpot won earlier on today isn’t as large as the jackpot won on April 27th, it is still an incredible amount of money to win.

Details for this jackpot win have yet to be released but you can be ensured that once we know more information regarding this jackpot win we will update you instantaneously.

Major Millions Has Its Jackpot Won Yet Again

An unspecified punter playing at an unspecified online casino triggered a large progressive jackpot while playing the progressive based video slot “Major Millions” which is developed by Microgaming. This fortune punter was able to win $896,979 while playing this slot. This isn’t the largest progressive to be won through Major Millions.
As this is a recent jackpot there have not been any information given as to where or who won. This is the first time that a progressive jackpot has been won on Major Millions in four months. The largest progressive to be won through Major Millions is $1,801,517 back in May of 2012.

major millions logo

The average amount that is won through Major Millions is $561,048. This means that this fortunate punter was able to win more than the average amount. We are unsure as to what this punter plans to do with their winnings. Just as we have always done we will continue to keep you informed on any information that is released relating towards this jackpot win.
In order to play Microgaming’s Major Millions you will be required to register a player account at the various online casinos that support the Microgaming platform. You just won’t be ensured an outstanding experience with Major Millions, you will also be ensured an outstanding experience with any of the slots you play from Microgaming. These casinos include Maple Casino, Crazy Vegas, Bet365 and 32 Red. These are just some of the many casinos that support the Microgaming platform.

Italy Gains 2 New Poker Platforms

Italy, one of the more beautiful countries located within the European Union has gained two new online poker platforms. This came as a surprise to industry analysts as Italy has been biased towards online poker but as the recession continues to effect each country within the European Union, Italy has decided to change their ways and have allowed for two new poker products to be added to their online gambling industry.

Paddy Power

The first operator who will offer their services in Italy is Paddy Power, one of the better known poker operators in the European Union. Paddy Power allows for punters to experience multiple tournaments or games at once, they allow for punters to play on a free to play mode or a real money mode, they also operate their games through the iPoker Network. This means you can be playing against punters from all around the world, giving you a more exciting and adventurous experience while betting.

The second poker operator that will enter the Italian Poker Market is Novus Poker, they aren’t as well known as Paddy Poker but none the less provide their players with an astonishing experience. Novus Poker will be hosted through the Top Alliance Poker Network, this in return will allow for punters to play against a mass amount of other players. This marks the first time that Novus Poker has entered a new online gambling market, previously they only operated within the borders of the United Kingdom.

Amaya/PokerStars Rumors Swirl Around The Industry

There has been rumors starting to swirl around the online gambling industry that Amaya Gaming is trying acquire PokerStars Shares, this resulted in Amaya Gaming’s shares being halted and the PokerStars share price rising by 28%.

Amaya Gaming logo

Amaya Gaming has been reportedly saving up more than one billion dollars in order to purchase the well known poker giant. Purchasing PokerStars would also result in purchasing the rights to the Cryptologic, Chartwell and Ongame gambling platforms. Amaya Gaming has already seen their stocks rise by an incredible amount this year, it has increased by 77% and is now trading at $13 per share.

There is no word is PokerStars will be making this lucrative deal with Amaya Gaming, it should be noted that these are just rumors that haven’t been addressed by either company. Purchasing PokerStars would allow for Amaya Gaming to enter the US Gambling Market but they would also be taking on the same issues that the current owners have today. Those issues being getting an online gambling license in either New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware. New ownership could mean that the poker firm could finally be licensed and regulated within these three states.

Both of these firms have yet to make any statements regarding these rumors. This leads towards analysts believing that these rumors are true.

$113,569 Odds of the Gods Won At Betfair

OpenBet has been able to make a name for themselves in the online gambling market, this name standing for a unique experience that can’t be compared to any other platform on the internet. OpenBet delves down into the experience of classic online gambling and innovates it for modern day punters, this results in a outstanding gambling experience that is beloved by thousands of punters around the world.


Today a punter betting on the reels on Odds of the Gods, a video slot developed by OpenBet won $113,569 while playing this slot. This is the first time that a progressive jackpot has been won on this slot within the last four weeks, showing that popularity for Odds of the Gods is on the rise.

Odds of the Gods is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot designed around Greek Mythology. You see gladiator’s duke it out on the reels, you see Greek Mythology weapons, themed poker symbols and more on the reels. The small background that is available around the reels consists of clouds, the gates to Olympus and large stone pillars.

OpenBet made a short statement saying, “It is wonderful to know that your gambling platform provides punters with an enjoyable experience. It’s even better to know that those punters are winning large amounts of money through the slots that you have developed. It makes you feel as if you are helping the world, it might not be in a big way but none the less you are still helping it.”