The most interesting casino facts

The casino gambling has always been able to rise the interest of many millions of people from all over the world. No matter if you have been introduced to gambling right now, or you are an old time player, there are many interesting facts that you should know and even if these might not help you too much with your strategy, it’s always best to know them.

The roulette game was created by the scientist Blaise Pascal. He came with a revolutionary concept, and he didn’t have gambling in mind when he created it. In fact he was researching to create a machine with ceaseless motion. Later on the gambling idea appeared and the new features appeared. While this is the true history of the roulette game, most people think that the wheel was made especially for gambling the first time and that it was a genius behind the whole idea.

A deck of cards that are now pretty standard has a great number of representation of culture. For example, we all know the deck has four Kings. Each of them represents an actual king of the era when they were invented. The kings represented are: Caesar, Charles the Great, King David and Alexander the Great. Each suit of cards represents a historical culture like Rome, the Roman Empire, Greece and Middle East.

In case you’ve played the slots, you’ve probably noticed the Bar symbols. This dates back to the beginning of the slots games where the Bar symbol was the logo of Bell Fruit firm. Back then the slot machines were giving gums as gambling was prohibited. This is one of the reason in many parts of the world, these games were called fruit machines.

fruit machines

You probably already heard the fact that gambling can lead to addiction. The statistics are there to confirm this fact. If we take a look at the numbers we can see that 24% of the adult population in US is actively placing wagers at casinos, poker, sports and around 5% of the gamblers turn into addicts.

Another interesting fact about gambling is that Richard Nixon managed to fund his presidential campaign with the support of the money he earned from poker. He was back then a naval officer and he managed to win this amount of money from his colleagues. The amount we are talking about was back then $6k, but if we take into consideration the inflation rates from that time, the sum is the equivalent of $75k today.

Roulette earned a great reputation as a game that captivates a lot of people. The interesting point about roulette is that if you add all the numbers available on the wheel the sum is 666. This is the reason why it’s also known as the devil’s game.

Las Vegas can hold some of the most amazing records. The city is visited each year by 38 million people who spend $43 billion. The largest jackpot won at a slot machine in Vegas was $39 million. This should give you an idea about how big gambling is in US.

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